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Look How Big!

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Benjamin: “Daddy, Becca, come look at how big my poopie is!”

That’s my boy!

Upper Lip

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Yesterday, Benjamin asked me “Daddy, what’s the name of the bumps between my lip and my nose?”

I had to look it up. [It appears to be called the philtrum and/or the paraphiltrum, though many sites differ on whether those terms refer to the whole area, the ridges, the valley, etc.]

Recall that some time ago, he expressed an interest in whether crocodiles have uvulas.

So proud of that kid.

Would You, Could You?

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Daddy: Would you, could you in a house?

Becca: I would not, could not, in a house.

Daddy: Would you eat them here or there? Would you eat them anywhere?

Becca: I do not like green eggs and ham. Now, please leave me alone.

Benjamin Bookmarking

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Benjamin runs over, “Daddy, Daddy, look.”

He leads me over to the computer to show me a bookmark in the browser.

“I did it all myself. There are lots of games here. Look.”

He clicks on the bookmark and he’s right; there are lots of games there.

That’s my boy!


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Benjamin: “Daddy, why don’t fish have hair?”

Man, that kid is great. ;-)

Becca and That Crazy Sinatra Web Groove

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So the kids and I are watching TV and Becca hears the Frank Sinatra song You Make Me Feel So Young. She immediately jumps up and says, ‘Hey, I know this song.”

She runs over to the computer, searches on YouTube, and finds it.

This type of thing is increasingly common with her, so I shouldn’t be amazed anymore. But I still am. Can’t help kvelling over that little gal!


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Benjamin: “Daddy, what’s an extruder?”

Man, where does he come up with this stuff?

[Actually, it’s this.]

Chicken Becca Masala

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Today at the British International School March Fair, to which we went to see my friend Michael’s band Studio188 play, Becca tried, and fell in love with, Indian food. Plain naan with chicken tikka masala. Two servings!

That’s my girl!

Tears of Joy

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One thing that reliably makes me well up with tears of joy is watching my children learn to read.

Teeny Bopper Tech Kid

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Becca (7yo) is sitting at the computer. In her left-hand is our neighbor’s mobile phone, playing some Katy Perry song. With her right hand, she types “Katy Perry” into YouTube search. Using auto-suggest, she finds the song she is looking for (“Hot & Cold”).

Man, oh, man… ;-)