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For reasons that are not quite clear to me, Benjamin has taken to counting syllables in words and phrases. He’s great at it, gotta give him that.


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Becca wants to dye her hair blonde. Mommy compromised with some highlights. It came out a bit Bride-of-Frankenstein-ish, but still cute. She’s happy with it - she got compliments from her friends at school - but I can see the wheels starting to turn in prep for her next pitch at doing the whole thing.

Rock and Roll Becca

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Becca and I are watching this video and she goes, “Rock and roll? Yeah, rock and roll Christmas!”

That’s my girl. ;-)

Benjamin Plus

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Out of nowhere, Benjamin comes to me and starts reciting/solving basic addition problems:

3 + 1 = 4
4 + 5 = 9

Way to go!

Grocery List

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So I’m in the grocery store, running down my shopping list. Milk, bread, etc. Down at the bottom, I find that someone has added an extra item: “Toys”. Wonder how that got there? Becca, looking at you. ;-)


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Benjamin, while playing a difficult online video game: “This game is impossible!”

First time I heard him use that word. Pretty funny…

Penguins on the Clock

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So, Benjamin is looking at YouTube videos and he says, “Daddy, some day, I want to go see an tock tick.”

I don’t quite make out what he is saying. “A what? A tock tick?”

“No, an tock tick. And penguins, ” Benjamin explains patiently.

Desperately scrambling for what he could possibly be thinking, I come up empty. “Benjamin, I have no idea what you are talking about,” I confess.

Now irritated at my stupidity, Benjamin petulantly replies, as if dealing with an idiot child, “You know. Penguins. In the Antarctic.”

I’m pleased with his ambition. Now I just got to get that kid some diction lessons. And a smarter Daddy.


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Becca: “I really like Baby Alive. Daddy, will you buy it for me?”
Daddy: “Maybe someday, sweetie.”
Becca: “Aaaw, ‘someday’ means ‘never’.”


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After a big meal.

Daddy: “Oy, I’m full.”
Becca: “Full of what?”