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Becca on Two Wheels

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My baby girl can ride a two-wheeler!

So proud of her. And even better, she’s so proud of herself.

Way to go, Becca!


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Daddy: “… then we’re going to take you to the dentist.”
Becca: “Today?”
Daddy: “Not today.”
Becca: “Tomorrow?”
Daddy: “Not tomorrow.”
Becca: “Tomorrow tomorrow?”

Love that gal!

543 = Year Difference Between Thai and Western Calendar

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Just posting this little factoid because I always seem to need it and always seem to forget it. Sure, a Google search is probably just as easy, but if I know it’s here, then I can probably find it in browser history or with fewer keystrokes.


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At an outdoor barbecue dinner last night, Benjamin met and played with a gal a few years older. He reports that he wanted to kiss her, but she left before he had the chance. He’s pining around the house, sad and heartbroken, wondering when he’s going to see her again.

Benjamin is four and a half.

Man, am I in for a ride….


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Benjamin just said to me “Look, Daddy. I can spell ‘walk’. W. A. L. K.”

He was reading them off the computer screen, but still so proud.

Benjamin Loses His First Tooth

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The title says it all. Well, most of it.

He has had a loose tooth for several months now, but it did not seem to be making any progress. Then yesterday, in a battle that pitted his teeth against a Play-Doh container, the container emerged victorious, leaving the tooth in its wake.

Poor Benjamin was taken aback by it all. We had not really prepared him for it since the tooth did not seem to be loosening.

I’d like to post a pic, but he’s being shy and our camera recently broke. ;-(

We’ll be doing a Tooth Fairy thing tonight.

Way to go, Benjamin!